20 Sep 2014Draft papers
20 Oct 2014Notification of acceptance
31 Oct 2014Final Paper Due
08 Dec 2014Conference Opening

Craig Watterson
Victoria University of Wellington
eMail: craig.watterson@vuw.ac.nz

International iCampus Forum (IC14)
"Smart Education for the 21st century"


The forum will take place in conjunction with IEEE TALE 2014.


TALE2014 will be host to the IC2014 iCampus Forum, covering topics related to smart learning and teaching both in the technological and/or pedagogical domains. Papers are currently being accepted for delivery at this special forum. The forum is comprised of three main sessions, namely the

  1. invited speakers session,
  2. research papers session, and
  3. roundtable/panel session.

This event seeks to address various pertinent topics of interest related to next generation technology and campus environments, including but not limited to areas of research in the iCampus domains of intelligence: iLearning, iSocial, iGreen, iHealth, iManagement, and iGovernance.

For more information on IC2014 please visit ic14.intelligentcampus.org.