20 Sep 2014Draft papers
20 Oct 2014Notification of acceptance
31 Oct 2014Final Paper Due
08 Dec 2014Conference Opening

Craig Watterson
Victoria University of Wellington
eMail: craig.watterson@vuw.ac.nz

Special Track on Computing Education
"Innovations for Computing Education"


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This special track is sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society.


Prof. Sorel Reisman, California State University
Dr. Henry Chan, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Computing is undergoing big changes. Nowadays, computers are not only desktop machines but also lightweight notebooks inside your bags and smart devices inside your pockets. With the popularity of cloud technologies, computing can now be delivered as utility services. Furthermore, computing knowledge is changing so fast that what students learn today will likely become obsolete tomorrow. There are also many emerging technologies and methodologies for computing education. In view of such trends and developments, there is a need to study how computing education should change and innovate, from both curricular and technology perspectives. Under the theme “Innovations for Computing Education”, this special track provides an interactive forum for educators and researchers to exchange views, ideas and experiences on computing education.

You are invited to submit papers for this special track. Paper topics include but are not limited to:


Like other accepted papers, presented papers will be submitted for uploading to IEEE Xplore (pending approval). Authors of selected papers may be invited to submit revised and expanded papers for potential publication in IEEE or other international journals.


For enquiries on this special track, please contact Dr. Henry Chan (cshchan@comp.polyu.edu.hk).